Zignature Fuels SDF

by Latasha Ball
Marketing Coordinator

Zignature Partners with National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, Providing Nutrition for Search and Rescue Dogs

There’s nothing we love more at Zignature than lending a helping “paw” to active dogs, especially when they have a very important job, such as the search and rescue dogs serving across the United States and responding to disasters all over the globe.

We all understand how vital excellent nutrition is to our health and well-being. Everything we do starts with good nutrition. The same goes for animals. So when the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF) decided to feed their search dogs in-training Zignature, we wanted to support them in anyway we could.

SDF was founded in 1996 and has trained a total of 160 certified state and federal teams that have deployed to 184 disasters and missing person searches. There are currently 71 SDF-trained search teams located in many states throughout the U.S. Thanks to mutual aid agreements between states, these teams can be deployed nationwide at a moment’s notice, whenever disasters occur.

“Every dog that enters our program not only receives a customized training plan – each search dog in training is provided an individualized nutrition and exercise plan,” said Denise Sanders, Director of Communications for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. “Our partners at Zignature provide essential nutrition needed for these amazing canine athletes to perform their vital mission – searching for survivors in the aftermath of disasters – ensuring they are in top shape and ready to help save lives.”


What’s even better is these awesome search dogs in-training are mostly rescues from animal shelters! We are inspired by the search dogs in-training at the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation and are honored to support their mission.

To learn more about the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, click here.  

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