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Unlike many commercially available pet foods which contain large amounts of simple carbohydrates as their first or second ingredient, Zignature® recipes are based on a limited ingredient, meat first philosophy. Meat or fish is always the main ingredient, backed by animal meal or fish meal as the second ingredient. And we only use low glycemic carbohydrates such as Chickpeas and Peas that also provide needed fiber. Our foods are guaranteed to contain only the finest wholesome ingredients, with no cheap fillers, providing superior nutrition and minimizing potential allergies.

All Zignature® recipes are based on a meat first philosophy because dogs are carnivores, and require high-quality animal protein to thrive. The first listed ingredient in any pet food is vitally important, because there’s more of that ingredient than any other. Not only is meat the first ingredient in all our recipes, it’s backed by meat or fish meal as the second ingredient. Compare this to many well-known pet foods that use cheap, high-starch carbohydrate fillers as their first or second ingredient, and you’ll quickly see why Zignature® offers your pet the correct nutrition for enhanced vitality.

While it’s perfectly safe to stop feeding your dog’s previous food one day and introduce Zignature® the next, we recommend a gradual transition to Zignature® for up to two weeks. This is especially true if your dog has been previously fed a high Grain, Corn, Wheat or Soy diet. Start by introducing a small amount of Zignature®, increasing it daily while decreasing the previous food by the same amount. This will help avoid an upset stomach as it makes it easier for your pet’s digestive system to acclimate.

We develop and craft our recipes with our nutritionists and food scientists and make our products in Brainerd, Minnesota; Perham, Minnesota; and Mitchell, South Dakota.

Yes, all of our recipes are manufactured here in the United States.

We get our ingredients from quality sources around the world. Our Trout, Salmon and Whitefish come from the Pacific Northwest; Turkey from the Midwestern United States; farm-raised Duck from Western France; Lamb from the farmlands of New Zealand; and our Kangaroo comes from Australia. In addition, our fruits and vegetables are from farms across North America, depending on the growing seasons.

Visit one of our retail partners for a free sample. We have 4oz samples of various recipes for your pet to try. If you don’t see it at your local store, just ask. To find a retailer in your area, click here. If there are no retailers in your area, contact us at the “How can we help you?” tab on the bottom of the page and we’ll gladly send you a sample.

Because every one of our recipes are free of the most common canine allergens: Corn, Wheat, Soy, Dairy, Chicken and Eggs. Our limited-ingredient, nutritionally complete diets feature quality meats and high-grade animal meal as the first and second ingredients, with no cheap fillers like high-glycemic carbohydrates commonly found in other pet foods, even those claiming to be ‘premium.’

No Zignature® recipes contain any Chicken, Chicken Fat, Chicken Meals or Chicken By-Products whatsoever.

Potatoes have been identified as a high-glycemic carbohydrate for dog food. Zignature® only uses low glycemic carbohydrates such as whole Chickpeas, and garden Peas which also provide valuable soluble and insoluble fiber. For more details, visit the Glycemic Research institute at

No, and it never will. The ingredients in our recipes are fortified with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals for complete canine nutrition.

Loaded with meats your dog craves, such as Duck, Lamb, and Turkey, our recipes aren’t just highly nutritious, they’re delicious as well. And we guarantee it. If your dog doesn’t eat it, simply return the bag or can for a full refund.

No matter what food you were previously feeding your pet, you should notice a difference in your canine’s stool quality. It should become more firm and smaller in size by the third day of feeding Zignature®.

No, and we never will. Our company was founded on the basis of providing the best possible nutrition for your dog, from responsibly sourced ingredients. Like you, we treat pets like family members. To fine-tune our recipes, we conduct trials where our food is fed to pets. This is done in a comfortable, stress-free environment for the animals.

All of our recipes are free from binding agents that are high in the simple carbohydrates and starches found in many pet foods, even those claiming to be premium. Instead, we only use low glycemic ingredients, such as Chickpeas to bind our food. These legumes also provide necessary soluble and insoluble fiber.*

Because Zignature® products are formulated to have similar nutrient profiles it is a great rotational diet. If your dog is sensitive to certain proteins we recommend that you try to stay within protein groups with your rotation (fish with fish, poultry with poultry, meat with meat, etc.)

All of our recipes have been carefully crafted and tested to be as delicious as they are nutritious, and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But if your dog doesn’t agree, you can return the unused portion with your receipt for a full refund.

Not yet, but we’re currently developing recipes for our feline friends. Until then, we recommend Fussie Cat, a high quality cat food line made in human-grade plants which is also produced by Pets Global. To learn more, visit

Yes, you can get all of our recipes at a number of online pet specialty retailers, such as For a complete list of stores in your neighborhood, click here.

Due to Zignature’s® high meat content; once Zignature’s® dry food is opened, it should be consumed within 90 days. When wet food is opened, it should be consumed within 3 days. All Zignature® products should be stored indoors, preferably in a re-sealable container, or in the original packaging rolled tightly to maintain an airtight seal. Refrigeration is not required for dry food. For ideal storage, keep your canine’s food in a cool, dark, dry room with a temperature between 40 – 70 degrees Fahreinheit. Zignature® foods have a maximum shelf-life of 18 months after packaging before expiration. Do not use after expiration date.

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At this moment, Zignature products are only available in the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, none of our approved retailers ship internationally. Please check back in the future to see if we have expanded to that region.

Zignature does not have a senior or puppy specific formulas since our formulas are designed by our nutritionist and food experts to be for all life stages so it is great for puppies and seniors.

Zignature does not have any breed specific formulas since our formulas have been designed by our nutritionist and food experts to be a nutritious and well-balanced diet for all breeds.


Zignature has retailers all over the United States and Canada. Zignature is not available at PetSmart or Petco since our company wants to support the local mom and pop shops. You can always put in your zip code in our store locator:

Zignature uses all-natural ingredients and this means that the kibble size and kibble color can vary.

After each recipe is produced, we have a three-step cleaning process. First, we thoroughly clean all the equipment. Second, we produce 750 pounds of the new recipe and then destroy all of it. Third, we make an additional 100 pounds of the new recipe and then package and discard it. This three-step process both cleans the equipment and flushes out any of the previous formula’s ingredients before the new recipe is produced.

We do not have any formulas that are specifically for large breeds because almost all our formulas meet the nutritional requirements for large breeds. The only formulas we DO NOT recommend is the goat and venison (DRY ONLY) due to the high amount of phosphorus and calcium that can accelerate bone growth, which would not be ideal for large breeds. Apart from that, it’s up to you and your dog’s preference in protein.

Our food does not include probiotics because they do not last through the cooking process. However, the beet pulp in our recipes does have prebiotics.

Our diets are not intended to treat or address the specific needs of any medical condition. Please contact your vet for information regarding specific medical conditions.

All Zignature® recipes use some of the highest-quality ingredients, Under FDA regulations, pet food cannot contain human-grade ingredients, though some pet food companies may claim to do so.

Zignature has never had a recall.

Zignature does not vacuum seal its bags. The new metalized bags have a vent on the side of the bag to help air escape. The vent only allows air to escape, it doesn’t allow air to enter the bag in order to preserve the freshness of the food. Therefore, it may appear to be vacuum sealed.

Our food is not certified as organic, which means we cannot state that our ingredients are GMO free. However, our meats are free of antibiotics and hormones.

Of course! If you contact our Customer Care specialist, through email or phone call, they will be         happy to send you some coupons!

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