Meet 20 month Marley, she’s currently on the trout and salmon blend. Not only is she happy but her coat is amazing. I had a very hard time finding something that agreed with her tummy and allergies. Since we’ve been using Zigniture her appetite has even improved. I wanna say thank you so much for caring and putting so much great products in your food. I’m extremely picky about what I give her and this has been life changing and I love the smell of it. You would never even guess that it’s trout and salmon. Her waste is also always so easy to clean up with almost no smell which makes cleaning up a lot easier on mom. I’ve recently got another German Shepherd he’s 6 months old and the price of food had gone up he’s always hungry but I can’t blame him it’s prob so good. I was looking at different foods thinking about changing. But I just can’t bring myself to changing because Zigniture is so great for Marley and now Jaxx. So we’re are currently using almost 3 bags a month which is pricy. Winning this would help out finically and it would be super awesome. Either way Marley and Jaxx and I wanna thank you for such a wonderful product.

Extremely Happy Costumer,
Heather 🐾🐾Marley, Jaxx

– Heather

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