How excited am I ? Letting your brand know how Zignature Dog food (Salmon white Fish ) has changed our lives and my purse..I rescued Ryder at about 11 weeks old. To my surprise this little guy had some severe skin allergies, as time went by he was growing the problem was growing too..4 different vets 1 dermatologist later, they had explained to me Ryder would have to be on meds the rest of his life Apoquel, cortisone injections medicated baths every 2 weeks it was a lot to handle and became quite expensive, ( hes my high maintenance baby) within my 6 dogs. So many dog food brands we had tried Royal Canin, Acana, Taste of the wild, Natural Balance, I even tried the “raw” dog food diet. After all was said and done everyone agreed Ryder had an allergy, just didnt know an allergy to what? One more try with a new vet, who was a lifesaver too Dr. Farley acknowledged Ryder indeed had an allergy to poultry poor little guy at the great age of 2 years old, test after test we finally had some answers. Now what do we feed him? I went to Pet Supplies Plus in Hollywood, Florida started to read ingredients on all other brands I haven’t tried, Andrew the store associate came over to help, He started to explain about the Zignature brand, how he knew it was great because that’s what he fed his dogs who stopped having stomach issues, he gave me all the pros about Zignature he sold your product like he owned it 😊 so I took a small bag home to try (Pescatarian) of course, I researched it and prayed at this point he would like it and he would be rash free, red/pink free, and pain free. Two years later, with Zignature salmon & whitefish Ryder is a happy 4 year old who knows his Chewy delivery has Zignature in it and becomes ecstatic when it arrives at the door, he also has no more skin flare ups, medications and is rash free thanks to a brand that is true and stands for what they say…thank you so much.
Happy National Pet Day!!!
( which for us is everyday )

– dandrade28

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