I wanted to share the amazing story about my dog Simba. Simba has had a rough start to his puppy life theprevious owners did not care for the dogs at all. When we saw Simba for the first time right away you can tell he was very sick he can barely walk because he was so thin he was caughing sneezing he smelled horrible his coat was patchy in places. As a dog parent of 3 other dogs I knew right away it was bad and at that split second I had to made the decision if I should take him or not. My mom went with me and she said no because he is too sick, but the desperate look in his eyes I could not leave him. As soon as I got him in the car I was contacting our vet to get him in as soon as possible. Once Simba got checked they said he had flea infestation like they never seen before, he had upper respiratory infection, ear infection and puppy strangles. We were advised to keep him separated from all the other dogs and to put him on a healthy diet whether that was kibble or me cooking for him. Thats when I did every kibble research I possibly can and found Zignature. After comparing it to all the other ingredients to other kibble dog food and the history of Zignature as well as looking for recalls Zignature was the only one that stood out for me as the best choice for us. Right away I went to buy a bag and started all our dogs on it. The wonderful lady at the pet store said she has small sample packs to try which flavor is their favorite. I purchased the Salmon one, but they have no favorite flavor they love them all so now to keep all their tastes satisfied every time we buy a new bag of food we change the flavor. This is the only food that caused no issues with an automatic switch without mixing with their previous kibble. Were never looking back because Simba is proof Zignature is doing something right he’s an amazing happy healthy dog and his weight is perfect now.

Simbas journey and the rest of the Zignature loving crew.

– Agnieszka Dobosz

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