What Is Grain-Free Dog Food?

When you head to your local pet food store, you will notice a trend. There seems to be a division amongst dog food manufacturers. Dog owners tend to have two choices, grain or grain-free. But what is grain-free dog food? Does your dog need grain in their diet? Why is grain-free a healthier option? At Zignature® Pet Food, we pride ourselves on helping inform pet owners regarding optimum pet nutrition. We believe that when dog owners understand our core philosophy regarding canine health, the choice to go grain-free is an easy one.

What Does “Grain-Free” Mean?

When you are asking yourself, “What is grain-free dog food?” the answer is rather simple. It is dog food that does not contain grains. The most common grains found in dog food include wheat, corn, barley, oats, rye, rice and soy. In a human diet, all of these ingredients sound rather harmless. However, a dog’s digestive system is quite different from our own. Dogs have evolved for thousands of years, eating a diet primarily of meat and the occasional scavenged berries and starches. Choosing a grain-free dog food is respecting the natural diet of your canine.

Do Dogs Need Grain in Their Diets?

Big-kibble manufacturers insist that dogs need grains in their diets as part of healthy balanced nutrition. The truth is, grains cause a lot more problems than they solve. Many dogs have allergies or intolerances to grains. When fed low-quality dog food, dogs can have severe gastrointestinal issues, itchy skin, rashes and even behavioral problems. While dogs do need a source of carbohydrates in their diets, quality dog foods use nutritionally dense options like sweet potatoes. Grains are not necessary, but rather a cheap alternative to other starch sources.

Is Grain-Free Dog Food Healthier?

Choosing a grain-free dog food is healthier when you pick a brand that focuses on sourcing quality meat. Look at the ingredient label before purchasing. Does the food list meat as its first ingredient? Are they transparent about where their meat comes from? Are there any artificial fillers that you don’t recognize? Due to the exploding popularity of grain-free dog food, some brands are taking advantage of the trend that isn’t up to standard. It is essential that you do some thorough research before making a decision.

We hope that this answers the question, “What is grain-free dog food?” If you are thinking about making the switch, check out Zignature® and our menu of grain-free dog foods.

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