Learn How Our Extended Feeding Trials Ensure the Best Nutrition for Your Pet

At Pets Global we are committed to completing comprehensive AAFCO feeding studies with all of our diets.  As you can imagine this is a giant undertaking and to gain the most of the studies we are using a system AAFCO outlines as product families. This process allows for products within the same brand to be included in a group with a diet that has undergone and successfully completed an AAFCO feeding study. To be included in a product family they must be nutritionally similar and meet key AAFCO nutrient requirements to the diet that was tested. AAFCO suggests that testing one diet in a product family allows for all the nutritionally similar diets to be considered similar to the tested for nutritional adequacy. At Pets Global we push ourselves past the minimum requirements and have started with the AAFCO product families but will continue to test each individual diet until we have complete feeding studies on all our formulas.

Pets Global Inc. has conducted and continues to conduct multiple AAFCO and Digestibility Feeding Studies ensuring that your pet receives the best possible nutrition!

Pets Global has utilized BSM Partners’ comprehensive AAFCO feeding trial on its brands. This feeding trial protocol is much more thorough than a typical AAFCO feeding trial to ensure the health of pets over an extended period of time.

  • The BSM Partners customized AAFCO feeding studies (over 80 parameters offered) vs. Standard AAFCO feeding studies (5 parameters required)
  • All feeding studies are performed with in-home sporting dogs versus purpose-bred animals, meaning these are highly active dogs, and the food must perform well as these animals have to consume high levels of calories to maintain their ideal body weight and body condition scores.
  • Laboratory AAFCO nutrient profile done on the same production lot of food used throughout each study- meets all AAFCO nutrient requirements.
  • Complete blood counts- measures white and red blood cell health parameters
  • Serum health chemistries- measures all internal organ functions.
  • Cardiac biomarkers- blood heart health measurement.
  • Taurine, L-carnitine & other plasma amino acids- were measured throughout the study.
  • Echocardiograms- most sensitive heart health evaluation.
  • Body condition, muscle condition & stool quality scores
  • All Pets Global AAFCO and Digestibility studies have resulted in excellent results, including the athletic performance of the dogs over the study duration.
  • All exams/procedures are done by a licensed veterinary professional.

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