ZIGNATURE® is WSAVA guidelines compliant

WSAVA guidelines relate primarily to veterinarians and one-on-one evaluations. In terms of food guidelines, WSAVA provides recommendations/recommended questions for pet parents when it comes to selecting the best pet food for their pet; we have shared answers to those recommended questions below.

Our products are formulated under the guidance of a Ph.D. animal nutritionist and reviewed thoroughly by our cooperating team of veterinarians.

We contract a full-time Ph.D. animal nutritionist as well as a professional team of several food scientists, organic chemists, regulatory experts and Doctors of Veterinary medicine (DVMs) with BSM Partners. 

All of our diets are tested by both nutrient profiles by formulation and by analysis of the finished product.

Our complete and balanced diet pet food products meet AAFCO Dog Food Nutritional requirements. This is verified by the animal nutritionist after review of the diet recipe and product, and also by testing the food product for those required nutrients. 

We continue to verify that our diets meet the nutritional adequacy expected at a prescribed frequency.

To be considered a “complete and balanced diet,” pet food must either meet one of the Dog or Cat Food Nutrient Profiles established by AAFCO or pass a feeding trial using AAFCO procedures.

Our products proudly meet appropriate AAFCO requirements based on the nutrient profile (formulation). We feel that this is the most precise and consistent way to provide pets with the premium nutrition they deserve.

In addition, WSAVA also states in their recommendations that, “While feeding trials help to test for the food’s nutritional adequacy, the use of feeding trials does not guarantee that the food provides adequate nutrition under all conditions.”

Our dry recipes are manufactured with our partners, Barrett Petfood Innovations, in Brainerd, Minnesota, and Tuffy’s Pet Food, in Perham, Minnesota. Our canned formulas are manufactured with our partners at Performance Pet Products, in Mitchell, South Dakota.

Pets Global requires all our manufacturing partners to test all ingredients that go into the making of our products. All products are tested prior, during and after production.

Our facility is QFS Level2 certified, which assures Pets Global, our retailers and customers that a rigorous food safety system is in place. This includes, but is not limited to, testing and tracking of all ingredients from arrival to facility, during production and post production

Each of our co-manufacturing partners also operates under required Food Safety Program. We continue to verify the products have met the food safety program requirements by requiring finished goods receive microbiological testing. 

The nutritional adequacy of the products is measured through sampling of the finished goods and comparing those results to labeling claims and AAFCO requirements. Our recipes have been designed to deliver the complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages. Our specialty diets, as declared on the product labeling, are designed to assure that the particular life stage nutritional adequacy is met.

You can find that information printed on all our products as well as our websites.

Extensive research is done on our products and our research is proprietary. 

We conduct years of research and testing on all products before they are available to the public. This includes ongoing tests on blood metabolites including whole blood and blood plasma taurine levels, as well as palatability trials, stool quality tests and digestibility trials

AAFCO sets and establishes levels of nutrient profile requirements we must meet when creating our recipes. With that said, Pets Global ensures all of our canine recipes meet the stringent requirements set by the AAFCO.