Pet Appreciation Week is here!

By Latasha Ball
Marketing Coordinator

Did you know that Pet Appreciation Week is June 2-10? As pet parents, every week is Pet Appreciation Week so why not celebrate this special call-out for our four-legged family members and show them a little more extra attention and appreciation? This holiday was created by the American Veterinary Medical Association in 1981 to not only create awareness of the importance of our pets in our lives, but to appreciate them for everything they do to enrich our lives.

Our pets do so much for us—from show us endless love and affection to alleviating stress when we had a rough day and keeping us healthy with daily walks. The skies the limit on how we can show them how much we appreciate them but here’s a few tips to get you started.

Arrange a pup playdate at the dog park with their furry best friend. There’s nothings dogs love more than running around off leash and the feeling of being free to smell and pee wherever they want! Bring their favorite training treats and use it as a time to teach them some new tricks! You can also bring their favorite toys and watch the fun begin!

If you’re working this week but still want to find a way to make the week extra special for your pup, why not find a dog sitter to take your pup out for some extra walks and extra TLC while you’re out of the house? Your pup will be getting some extra exercise while enjoying the time outdoors and getting the extra socialization that’s always good for their well-being. Dog walking websites such as are a great resource to find a local dog walker in your area. You can read reviews on the dog walkers and find the one that best fits you and your dog.

Because exercise is good for everyone, why not extend your normal walk or playtime by 20 minutes? This may seem like a small amount of time but to your pup, it will mean the world to them and they appreciate any extra time with their one special person, YOU! Plus, exercise is good for your pup’s health and well-being.

As much as dogs may dread going to the vet, it’s always important to keep their health top of mind. Pay extra attention to their health this week by making an appointment with your local veterinarian for a checkup, brush their teeth and give extra attention to their overall appearance by checking for unusual growths or lumps. This may seem not-so-fun for them but it’s always good to keep an extra eye out for their overall health and make sure all is good with them.

We all know the excitement we get when we discover a new hot spot to frequent with our dog! Go the extra mile and find a new park and/or dog park to explore with your pup! You both will have a fun adventure exploring some new territory and you just may find a new hot spot to frequent with your pup! There’s great websites to find local dog parks in your area such as that have done all the leg work for you in locating the best dog parks in your area. Up for a new adventure? Maybe visit a dog park or find a new place to hike within an hour from your town! Not only will your pup enjoy seeing new sites, but they’ll enjoy the extra-long car ride

Take your pup to the pet store and let him pick out a new toy such as a Kong ball or a new Kong stuffed animal. There’s nothing we love more than seeing how happy our dogs get when they first set eyes on the toy aisle at your local pet store! Let them go wild and pick out a new toy (or two). After all, our dogs can never have too many toys, right? 

Check out some local doggy friendly events and restaurants to take your pup to! Websites such as are a great resource for pet parents who love to take their pups with them. Another favorite dog friendly restaurant is Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar. This chain was created with dogs in mind and even have a special menu and patio seating just for your special pup. Visiting Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar will be a special treat for them—from the dog statues to the beautiful dog photos throughout the restaurant, it’s a dog lovers dream. Visit their website to find a location nearest you.

Feeding your dog a healthy diet to ensure they’re staying healthy from the inside out is very important! Finding the best dog food that fits their health needs is very important. What’s great about Zignature is it comes complete with vitamins and minerals to contribute to your dog’s overall health! With many recipes from our Zignature Venison Formula to our Zignature Trout & Salmon Meal Formula, we have something for everyone!

Finally, if your dog can use a sibling or another playmate, why not consider visiting your local animal shelter and adopting a new pet? With 6.5 million companion animals that enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide, a new friend for your pup may be right around the corner! Not ready to adopt? Consider volunteering at your local animal shelter so you can show your appreciation for those shelter dogs who love unconditionally. You can even take it a step further and organize a food, toy or blanket drive!

Now that you’re off to a great start, we asked a few of our Zignature team members how they show their pup (or pups) how much they appreciate them for Pet Appreciation Week:

I plan on taking my boys (Scotty and Elvis pictured below) to a new dog park! Elvis especially loves doing dog agility so any dog park with play equipment such as ramps and tunnels are right up his alley!”-Latasha, Marketing Coordinator

I plan on taking Cosmo (pictured below) out for a long walk and I just bought him a brand-new dog bed!”-Hanan, Accounting Manager

“I am planning to take my dog, Izzy (pictured below), on a hike at Griffith Park. She loves hiking because it is the only time she can walk off leash and she loves being able to roam around freely without any constraint.”-Briana, Social Media Specialist


“I plan on taking Skye (pictured below) camping to Julien, California. She loves hiking!”-Rich, Business Development Manager

“For Pet Appreciation Week, I will buy Ebony and Toby (pictured below) more toys to play with and chew on because they destroyed the other toys I bought last week. I will also give them an extra treat for being good pets. Lastly, I will also hug and kiss them until they are tired of me” -Stephanie, HR Coordinator

Think about what you can do this week to show your pets how special they are and how much they mean to you! No gesture is too big or small for them—they will appreciate it all!

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