Hello and Good Morning,

Oh my the list is long with how Zignatures dog food has changed our lives. I have three girls and two former foster pups who have done wonderfully on your kibble.

First pup and the one who was the reason we switched is, my heart dog, Sassparilla (pictured). We had tried several quality dog foods but she was still having the issue of randomly vomiting bile (sorry probably not a pretty topic). After several visits our vet suggested a limited ingredient and a fellow doodle mom recommended Zignatures. Well I was vaguely familiar with your brand after crossing your booth with Fussie Cat at the American Pet Expo in Costa Mesa in California, my kitties were on Fussie Cat and loving their food so a dog version peaked my interest. The staff on hand was fun and friendly and encouraged us to enter a raffle which we did and ultimately won a bag of kibble. Not sure what I was thinking though since we hadn’t cashed in on our winnings but we finally put that golden ticket (you’ll see why I say that) to use and with just the first bag my sweet Sassparilla was no longer having the tummy issues. Oh wait, it gets even better, over the next few months I realized a second hallelujah moment, my other pup Miss Nosie Josie who has spent her entire life (from 4 months to about 5 years old) was no longer having anal gland issues (sorry another yucky topic). I’m not sure if it was actually related or a coincidence but hey I am not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth. Quick background, my sweet Josie was having to visit the vet every 4 to 6 weeks to relieve her discomfort and guess what NOW almost 3 years later she is still, hey wait they are BOTH still going strong, symptom free, doing great, happy and healthy pupsters. Now enters our most recent fur baby, a rescue rehome foster fail whom we got at 9 weeks of age. Poor thing was horrible sick, very skinny, dehydrated and underweight. After a thorough vet visit we discovered she was suffering from parasites, I know again with the yucky topics but as most know this can be very common in young puppies, sadly the family who purchased her was unaware of the extent of her issues and health conditions. Reluctantly I kept her on the food she came with for the first 2 weeks per my vets requests but boy after that time was up we quickly switched to Zignatures where she went from an uninterested grazer to having to eat out of a slow feeder she loved your kibble that much! On a personal note, to keep things interesting for my girls and their palettes satisfied we rotate flavors with each bag and alternate from a fish flavor to a meat. I have to tell you though the Catfish is their absolute favorite!

Lastly over the last few years I’ve had the privilege of fostering and Zignatures was the only food I was content feeding them, both came from puppy mills and transformed in front of my very eyes with the healthier choice of kibble. Their coats developed a shine, their eyes looked clearer, no more stinky ears, and just an overall happier temperament that with the new found human love and appreciation both pups have moved on to live happier, healthier lives. Side note okay actually a suggestion, I would love to see you offer discounts to rescues and volunteers who foster. Many thought I was nuts spending the extra money to feed quality food when they weren’t even my dogs but I personally felt the need to provide the best start for these helpless animals so sacrifices were made on my end. Many volunteers, as in my case, take on the expenses of fostering these pups so adding extra servings on a single parents modest income was really tough but knowing it was short term I was willing to make those sacrifices. I very much appreciate the frequent buyer program and teh random promos we get by email. I little generosity on your end goes a very long ways on mine.

Attached is a fun photo shoot we did with some of our doodle friends, this one is a solo shot of my sweet Sassparilla (sorry neither of my other two pups would hold still, lol). Hopefully our doodle friend will be submitting a picture of both my Sassparilla and their Enzo, it’s a very cute shot and can be found on one of your facebook contests that Enzo won on. Ü

Thank you again and paws crossed we can make it to one of your top three,

– Jolene Colman

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