Zignature Kangaroo Dry Diet Feeding Study

Pets Global, the manufacturer of Zignature Kangaroo dry diet commissioned an independent feeding study to evaluate the overall health of dogs while eating Zignature Kangaroo dry diet.


A 60-day feeding study with Zignature Kangaroo dry dog food was fed as the sole diet for 10 healthy adult dogs.  Each dog maintained ideal health, as measured through veterinary exams, body weight, and food consumption.  Overall, the results suggest that when feeding Zignature Kangaroo dry dog food to adult dogs, there are no adverse side effects or detrimental to their health. Furthermore, all dogs were able to remain healthy and all parameters for this feeding study demonstrated this.

Additionally, dogs maintained their body weight and remained at ideal body condition scores. Taurine for the dogs, throughout the entire study, were maintained, which is vital for healthy heart functions. From the results, it can be concluded that the likelihood of diet-associated DCM from eating Zignature Kangaroo is highly unlikely.

This study will be further written up and published in a peer-reviewed journal article. Please stay tuned for that publication!


Bradley Quest, DVM

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