What Is the Key to Good Healthy Dog Food?

Walking into any pet store can be incredibly overwhelming. There must be hundreds of brands of dog food to choose from. There is a lot of conflicting information out there when it comes to choosing the best dog food to promote overall health. Some brands contain organic ingredients, others advertise grain-free, but what is the key to good healthy dog food? The answer may surprise you.

Look at the Ingredients

The key to determining if a brand has good healthy dog food is to read the ingredients listed on the back of the bag. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) requires that all pet food be labelled honestly. You can learn a lot from doing just a few seconds of research. 

Ingredients are listed in descending order by the volume in the formula. You will want to make sure that your dog food has meat listed as a first ingredient, indicating that it is the primary source of nutrition in the food. 

Look at the Source

The source of meat is also crucial when examining the back of the dog bag. This may be a bit harder to find out. Before making a purchase, go online and look into the dog food brands you are considering. Any good healthy dog food will be transparent on where they source their ingredients from. For example, Zignature® only sources meat from trustworthy countries that have a proven track record for safety and quality. 

Does It Contain the Right Fatty Acids?

Fatty acids are essential for the growth and well-being of your dog. They help with brain development, skin health, eye sight, and much more. Unfortunately, some dog food formulas don’t have enough to maintain optimal health. A good healthy dog food will list the fatty acid composition on the bag. If fatty acids are a primary concern for your dog, choose protein sources like salmon or trout

Go Grain-Free

Dogs have evolved from wolves, known meat-eaters. A dog doesn’t have the ability to process grains like a human, so why put it in their food? Many dogs exhibit allergic reactions from grains in their diet. They may experience diarrhea, vomiting, skin rashes, itching and behavioral issues. Countless pet owners have switched their dog to a grain-free formula and seen vast improvements. Meat-first and grain-free dog food formulas can greatly decrease inflammation and improve overall health. When looking for a good healthy dog food, it is a good idea to drop the grain completely from their diet.

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