Best Dog Food for Small Dogs

When your pooch is on the smaller side, it can be challenging to find a dog food that works. There are numerous brands, flavors and formulations on the market today. So, what is the best dog food for small dogs? Here are a few ways you can find the perfect diet for your tiny Fido.

Choose Smaller Kibble 

Kibble designed for larger dogs can be too big for a small dog to chew. Oversized kibble can hurt their teeth and gums, causing pain and bleeding. They may avoid eating altogether, preventing them from getting the nutrition they need. Further, if kibble cannot be broken up appropriately, it also could be a choking hazard for your small pup. Eliminate the risk and choose a dog food that is designed for smaller breeds. Zignature® Small Bites has all the benefits of larger kibble, just in a smaller package. Many pet owners report it is the best dog food for small dogs. 

Look for Nutritionally Dense Formulations

While your dog may be small, they can have some big opinions. Small dogs can often be pickier when it comes to their food. It isn’t unusual for them to go on a hunger strike if you choose a diet that they aren’t fond of. Before you make a purchase, take a look at the ingredient label. High-quality pet food will have meat listed as a first ingredient, not a cheap filler. For example, Zignature® has a meat-first philosophy. This allows us to pack essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals to create a Physiologically Tuned™ diet for your canine, big and small. 

Consider Choosing Wet Dog Food

Some smaller breeds, particularly those under 10 pounds, prefer soft, wet food. If your dog is a very particular eater, it can be a battle to get them to eat enough. Wet food formulations tend to be more calorically dense, perfect for a small dog with a smaller appetite. The aroma of wet dog food is generally enough to get any dog chowing down. 

Look at the Source of Ingredients

When looking for the best dog food for small dogs, you will want to do a bit of research ahead of time. Look for brands that are transparent with what is contained in their food. Ensure that the ingredients are from a reputable source and created in the U.S. Zignature® prides itself in never sourcing ingredients from China and creating our formulations in our kitchens in Minnesota and South Dakota. 

The best dog food for small dogs is a diet high in necessary amino acids, vitamins and minerals. You can find the perfect fit with any of our Zignature® Pet Food formulations. 

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