Our Favorite Pet Care Tips From PetBox.com and Zignature Giveaway

by Latasha Ball
Marketing Coordinator

We were so impressed with your pet care tips from our latest contest with PetBox.com that we wanted to share them with you! Taking care of your pets is of the upmost importance and your tips are simply too good to not share.

@heatherrrbee “Make sure your cats have a friend to hang around with. Penny likes being with other cats.”

@arkos_gsd: “Favorite pet care tip: Don’t forget to feed your pet glucosamine! Large breed dogs need their joint care too!”

@coreyconway_ “My dogs have horrible allergies, so I love giving them Zignature because there are no ingredients int here that are prone to allergies. Also love giving them salmon oil for healthy skin and wiping my dogs with deodorizing pet wipes regularly”

@onein3382: “My favorite pet parent tip is to make training fun. If training turns into a game, you and your pets will always have fun learning.”

@furfamilyof7ca “I get in the habit of brushing my cats’ teeth. He likes it too.”

@delas10 “My favorite tip is when you have a cat and a dog that don’t get along you can use positive reinforcement training to help them be friendly (or in my case tolerate one another)”

@ivy_theboxer “Pet Tip: Continuous socialization and exposure.”

@juno_themuttpup “Pet Tip: Make sure your furry friend has its flea and tick protection, especially with the weather warming up in certain areas and ALWAYS have some form of identification on them in case they happen to run off”

@melissapcrawford “Make sure to spray your dogs’ feet with paw protectant when you go outside on hot days!”

@3bulldogges “Cleaning dog’s teeth by giving them meaty raw bones! Mental stimulation and a good way to clean their teeth!”

@stellar31576 “Pet tip: If your dogs’ coat/skin is dry, massage in a little coconut oil. It’ll look oily for a couple of hours and then absorb.”

@delas10 “My favorite pet tip at the moment is that long walks help keep Rusty happy and healthy!”

@bartthepugdog “My pet care tip is don’t forget to brush your dogs’ teeth, dental care is important and the fresh breath is an added bonus!”

@furfamilyof7ca “Put scratching posts where the cats scratch on furniture and doorways”

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