National Dog Day

This past Monday, August 26th, was National Dog Day—a fun pet holiday to celebrate our four-legged best friend. Although we as pet parents should celebrate our pups every day, National Dog Day ensures that our pups get extra attention and of course extra belly rubs.

Most people will agree that dogs are a big part of our daily lives. They are not just pets; they are part of the family. Dogs do so much for us, with their unconditional love and loyalty, that a special day dedicated to them is a well-deserved holiday.

In honor of this holiday, we got to ask our veterinarian on staff, Dr. Quest, a few questions about our furry best friends:

In your opinion, why are dogs considered “man’s best friend?”

 Dogs were one of the first animals on earth to become “domesticated’ by man.  Most dogs’ affection for their pet parents is unconditional meaning no matter what has happened in the past they are happy to be with you.  Everyone with a dog has had the experience of having a bad day and your dog is there when you get home and happy to see you and it makes your day suddenly better.

What is the best way to show your appreciation for your dog?

Most dogs are food motivated in that if they receive a food reward for a certain behavior it will reinforce that behavior.  We have to be careful though that too much extra calories like treats can lead to them being overweight.  Low calorie snacks like light snacks or even veggies can work though.  Affectionate behavior like petting, grooming and spoken interaction can be appreciated by our pets as well.   


Do dogs understand the concept of a hug or a kiss?

Most dogs do understand physical reinforcement.  This is visible when watching wild canids like wolves physically interact with each other in the pack.  Most dogs display the same type of behavior with each other and with humans and will enjoy a human hug.  Just be careful to not make it uncomfortable for your dog.  And be careful about kissing your dog around the face as dogs can harbor a lot of germs in their mouths.  Also some dogs may be reserved about invading their “face space” and could react aggressively so be careful.

Can you share with us one of your favorite stories about your dog?

My family has three dogs.  One of them is a big male pointer named Danny.  Danny is very vocal in that he will sit down and look at you and “talk”.  He will sometimes sound like he is asking to go out outside with his vocalizations.  There are times it almost sounds like he is telling you “I am hungry”.  He is funny that way.  I am probably the best one to understand his “language”.

Meet our Veterinarian

Say hello to our knowledgeable veterinarian on staff, Dr. Bradley Quest, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM).

With over fifteen years of experience in the pet food industry and over 11 years of experience in clinical veterinary practice, we are proud to introduce our veterinarian on staff, Dr. Bradley Quest. 

A little bit about Dr. Bradley Quest:

Dr. Quest graduated from University of Missouri with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and has been working in the pet food industry developing new products, working in nutrition formulation, doing clinical studies, and working in Veterinary professional services since 2004. He is currently an active member of AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), MVMA, FoVD, and Phi Zeta Veterinary Society.

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