How to Find the Best Tasting Dog Food

Just like humans, some canines are picky about the taste of their food. As a pet owner of a fussy eater, you may have spent countless days and a lot of money trying different brands. It can be hard to find the best tasting dog food. After all, it isn’t like you would want to try the flavor yourself before giving it to your dog. Thankfully, there is a way to determine if your dog will like the taste of a particular formula.  

Is Your Dog a Fussy Eater?

Before doing a search high and low to find a good tasting dog food, you first want to establish that it is the flavor they don’t like. It can be easy to jump to the conclusion of being a picky eater when your pooch leaves their bowl full each day. There may be an underlying health reason your dog isn’t eating. Dental problems, like tooth and gum pain, can prevent a dog from eating regularly. Chronic diseases can also lower a dog’s appetite. 

If your dog is losing weight and uninterested in food, make an appointment with your veterinarian. The most significant tell-tale sign of a medical problem is a change in eating habits. However, if your dog has always been a picky eater, it is likely just a preference. 

Dogs Enjoy Meat

When looking at which dog food to buy, stay away from brands that list cheap ingredients or artificial fillers as a first ingredient. In high-quality dog food, meat should always be listed first. Furthermore, the dog food brand should be clear where they source their meat from. Some countries, like China, are known to ship tainted and contaminated meat products to the U.S., to be used in dog food. Meat should be sourced from reliable, safe and sustainable sources. 

Canines are natural meat-eaters and will enjoy the taste of real meat over corn, wheat or soy. This is why low-quality dog food companies have to include artificial flavors into their food to make it edible. Instead, brands like Zignature® are confident that your pup will thoroughly enjoy our food, because it actually tastes like real food. 

Give It a Try

It can be hard to dive into a new food brand. However, the only way to know if you have found the best tasting dog food is to give it a try. If you can, order a smaller bag until you know your pooch likes it. Once your pup has chowed down, you can order larger quantities. 

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