How to Find the Best Healthy Dog Food Brands

When you love your dog as a member of the family, you want to give them the absolute best. The foundation of a long, healthy life is optimum nutrition. When choosing the best dog food, the choices can be overwhelming. What protein source is best? Should you choose a grain-free dog food? Is dry or wet food better? With so much information out there, it is no wonder why dog owners get confused. How do you find the best healthy dog food brands? Here are a few ways you can narrow your choices to pick the perfect fit for your pooch. 

What Breed Is Your Dog?

Before choosing a healthy dog food brand, you need to first determine your kibble size. If you own a medium or larger breed dog, regular kibble size is a great choice. However, if your furry friend is on the smaller size, you will need smaller kibble. Many small-breed dog owners make the mistake of giving their tiny canine the same size kibble as larger dogs. This can cause discomfort in their teeth, gums and can be a choking hazard. Many brands, like Zignature®, create small bite options.

Watch Out for Food Allergies or Intolerances

When finding the best healthy dog food brands, you will also want to be aware of any possible food allergies or intolerances. Many dogs have allergies or intolerances to common ingredients in low-quality dog food. The most common contributors being wheat, soy, dairy and chicken. Avoid dog food brands that contain lower quality ingredients, like grains.

Choose Quality for Health

While high-quality dog food may cost more, you will save more money in the long run. A healthy dog requires less veterinary care, especially as they grow older. You will want to choose a food that has easily digestible ingredients to fuel your pup. The best healthy dog food brands will always have meat as a first ingredient. It is required by law that dog food manufacturers list every ingredient contained within the formula. Read the bag thoroughly to ensure you are choosing a quality product. 

Where Are Ingredients Sourced?

Transparency in where they source their meat is crucial. Some countries, like China, have been known to include toxic additives or contaminants into meat used for dog food. When looking for the best dog food brands, check the sourcing of their ingredients. The best dog food brands will clearly state where their ingredients are from and if they are from sustainable sources. 

We hope this helps you to find the best healthy dog food brands. Zignature® is a natural choice for dog owners looking for the best dog food on the market. 

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