Four Reasons to Choose a Dog Food with Venison

You don’t often see venison as an available protein source for dog food. However, it is one of the most nutritious choices that you can feed your pup. The reason a lot of dog food companies don’t provide a venison option is that it is more expensive; other protein sources could lead to bigger profits. However, quality dog food manufacturers (like Zignature® Pet Food) are more concerned with providing optimum nutrition, not their bottom lines. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose a dog food with venison.

1. Venison Contains More Nutrients for Your Dog

Venison is packed with nutrients that support the health and well-being of your dog. Deer meat contains a high amount of B vitamins, giving your dog the energy they need. Dog food with venison also provides the perfect amount of zinc and iron to support a healthy immune system and organ function.

2. Venison Is the Perfect Protein for Dogs with Food Allergies

Some dogs have food allergies linked to familiar protein sources, like chicken or beef. Symptoms of a dog food allergy include itchy skin, rash and gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea or vomiting. Dog food and treats routinely contain chicken or beef as the main ingredient, leading to overexposure of those protein sources. If you are struggling with a dog food allergy or sensitivity, venison may be a great alternative to try.

3. Dog Food with Venison Is a Leaner Alternative

If your dog is overweight or obese, switching to a venison-based dog, food may be the perfect solution. Deer meat is naturally lean, containing less fat and cholesterol when compared to other protein sources. Venison can help keep your dog at their optimum weight, reducing their chances of heart disease and other weight-based health problems.

4. Dogs Enjoy the Flavor of Venison

If your dog has never had dog food with venison, they are likely to think it is a delicious treat. If you own a dog who is extremely picky about their food, it is a good idea to give venison a try. Even the most particular of pooches seem to love the flavor of deer meat.  If you are looking for the best dog food with venison, try Zignature® Pet Food’s venison formula. We are confident that you (and your dog) will love the benefits of switching to a high-quality, meat-first dog food formula.

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