Dry or Wet Dog Food? How to Choose the Best for Your Dog

Over the past few decades, we have seen the trend in dog ownership skyrocket. According to a recent pet owners survey, close to 90 million dogs were living in U.S. homes in 2017 – which is about a 20% increase over the previous decade. And with more dogs in more homes, it is not surprising that the dog food industry has had a complete overhaul. Dogs and their dog owners are reaping the benefits of the innovation, variety and competitive pricing within the dog food industry – providing more options than ever before for dog owners to find the right healthy dog food for their beloved four-legged friend.

However, choosing what to feed your dog every day used to be simple, as the options were limited and simplistic in formula (and honestly, not all that healthy). Today there seems to be an infinite number of dog food brands, formulations and flavors readily available, and highly accessible from a price perspective. Most dog owners would agree that finding a healthy dog food that your dog loves and that promotes their overall wellness can be a little daunting with all the options out there. Even the decision to choose a wet formula or a dry formula could be challenging for even the most seasoned dog owner. Let’s break down some of the things to consider when trying to decide if the perfect healthy dog food for your dog should be wet or dry.

While dry food can certainly be more convenient, wet dog food could very well be the better choice for your dog – as it does have its benefits, as well as challenges. If your dog is struggling to intake as much water as he needs to stay hydrated, wet dog food can be a great way to add extra liquid to keep your pooch hydrated. If you have an aging dog, wet food can do a better job engaging your dog’s olfactory system, and get them to want to eat.

The key catch with wet food is that it isn’t shelf-stable like dry “kibble.” Because wet food can go bad after a can is opened (unlike its dry counterpart that can remain good for weeks), there are certain measures a dog owner needs to take to ensure the wet dog food they serve their dog is always fresh and doesn’t go to waste.

Beyond the practical reasons associated with dry food, it also acts as a toothbrush for your pooch, which is a great benefit to your dog’s dental health. Dry dog food also tends to come in several sizes and shapes, so there may be a perfect dry dog food that is right for your pooch. Dry food can also tend to have lower levels of animal-based proteins, which are important for your pet’s development – so when looking for dry dog food, it is important to find a protein-forward formula.

The good news is with the variety of healthy dog food on the market, whether you opt for wet or dry, it is easier than ever to feed your dog a nutrient-dense healthy dog food made with quality ingredients. Can’t make up your mind? Consider a mix of both – this can be a great way to give your dog the best of both worlds, which they certainly deserve.

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