Benefits of a Healthy Diet

by Soojin Um
Staff Writer

We all want our dogs to be at their healthiest. That’s why we take them for regular vet checkups, why we give them plenty of exercise, and why we give them our love. It’s also why we should be giving them the healthiest diet we possibly can. A healthy diet is one that is made with the highest quality ingredients, and provides the perfect balance of essential nutrients. When dogs are fed a healthy diet, you can see the benefits from head to toe, and in their spirits as well.

Strong muscles and bones

Dogs need protein to thrive. In the wild, meat is their primary source of nutrients. They don’t feast on carbohydrates unless they chance upon the occasional fruit grove, or (more commonly) from the stomach contents of their prey. But mostly, it’s protein from meat that they get their sustenance. Protein is what allows dogs to build strong muscles as well as a healthy heart, and that in turn allows them to live long, happy lives. A diet that’s rich in high quality protein is the cornerstone of a healthy nutritional regimen. That’s something that should be of absolute priority when choosing foods for your dogs.


Shiny coats and healthy skin

Another sign of good health is a shiny, healthy, beautiful coat. And it’s not limited to just the coat. A healthy coat is indicative of healthy skin as well. Diets rich in omega-6 and -3 fatty acids promote healthy skin and hair. Fatty acids also reduce inflammation of the skin. This means these acids can help fight allergic reactions by strengthening the cell walls. Thus, your dog’s skin is protected from possible damage. Fatty acids also provide the fuel for cell growth, so the skin and hair cells are at their peak health. When your dog is getting optimal amounts of the omega fatty acids, you can see it in their clean skin and vibrant coats.

Superior immune system

When your dog is getting the best nutrients, their bodies are able to protect themselves from diseases. They are also better equipped to resist getting sick. By providing your dog with a healthy diet, you are allowing their immune system to be at their maximum readiness. The system has the fuel and energy it needs to robustly attack intruders and pathogens. Without this, the body can actually start to fight itself, significantly reducing its overall strength. A healthy body depends on a strong immune system, and that system goes all the way down to the cellular level. When proper nutrients enter the body, they go straight to the cells, and that is how the body can defend itself from outside forces.


Our dogs depend on us to provide for them the best life possible. That includes the healthiest diet possible too. We owe it to our furry friends to give them the best quality food we can. Great quality food also taste better than lower quality food. The healthier the food, the more your dogs will want to eat. And the more they eat, the healthier they become. It’s a win-win cycle that we can all get onboard with.


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