4 Benefits of a Grain-Free Dog Food

Since 2009, the number of Americans who have eliminated gluten and other grains from their diet has TRIPLED. Some 3.1 million Americans have adopted this way of eating, and are living their best gluten-free lives. Many dog owners have also realized that a grain-free diet can have a wide range of benefits to their dog’s overall well-being – and have made the move to grain-free dog food. If you are considering eliminating grains from your dog’s diet, here are just some of the benefits you can expect.

1. Manage pesky food allergies better

Because grain is one of the top food-based allergens for dogs, moving to a protein-forward, grain-free diet can help eliminate your dog’s food sensitivities and allergies. Many pet owners may not realize that some breeds have an even higher propensity for food allergies, and for these breeds, a grain-free diet can be an integral eliminate to avoiding and managing the many irritating side effects these allergies can trigger in your dog.

2. Give your dog more energy

Lower end dog foods are notoriously packed with enriched, processed grains – essentially removing the nutritional content of the grain itself – which means your dog will burn through them quickly and then be depleted. Grain-free dog foods have more protein in place of these rapidly digested carbohydrates, which means your dog’s blood sugar level will remain more consistent, thereby providing him with more energy.

3. More protein for your dog’s development

High-quality dog food formulators will replace the grain with high-quality proteins – these proteins are the very building blocks to create strong lean muscle tissue – which is especially important for active dogs and aging dogs alike.

4. Easier to Digest

Dogs, like (most) humans, are omnivores – which means they can digest a wide variety of different food types. However, not all food types are digested equally. What this means is that your dog’s digestive system does a great job breaking down both proteins and fat. Grains, however, take considerably more effort. Also, with that easier digestion, you can expect better breath and less gas from your pooch once you’ve adopted a grain-free diet!

While this may make you wonder why many dog food companies have used grains as a key component of their formulations for years, the answer is simple. Grains contain a high level of calories, at a low cost to manufacture. Luckily, high-quality dog food has become very competitively priced and is well worth the effort, and widely available.

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