You don’t have to be the only foodie in your household – here’s how to share in your love of food with your canine companion!

Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of The Food Network, with binge-worthy shows like Top Chef and Chopped, our country is becoming increasingly more obsessed with cooking! But why should we be the only ones getting to enjoy expanding our palette with new tastes and flavors? If you love your dogs as much as we love ours, we are certain you will love sharing these healthy and delicious dog food varieties as much as they will love eating them!

For decades, many dog foods have used chicken as the main source of protein, but chicken is a key ingredient commonly attributed to food allergies and intolerances for our dogs. Instead, dog owners are starting to consider some of the more exciting options out there for your dog to enjoy, each with its own unique dietary benefits! Here are some of our favorites – not just because they are taste approved by our pups, but because these diets offer protein-packed nutrition to help give your dog the healthiest and happiest life possible.

Dog Food with Duck

If your canine companion suffers from food intolerance, allergies or weight issues, you’ve probably been taking every measure to help get him back on track and feeling like himself again. These issues can be resolved with duck-based dog food. Not only does it taste great, but duck is also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to build lean muscle mass while supporting your dog’s heart health.

Venison-Based Dog Food

Venison isn’t just for Michelin-starred restaurants – it’s also an amazingly easy way to make sure your dog is getting the most protein from their diet. We all know venison is delicious – but what you may not know is that pound for pound, venison is the most protein-rich of all the red meats – yet still low in fat. Venison-based dog food is also packed with iron and Vitamin B – making it an outstanding source of lean protein for your dog.

Goat-Based Dog Food

Goat, one of the most popular proteins across the globe, is especially unique – not just because of its taste profile your dog is certain to love, but because the nutritional profile of dog food that offers goat as its core ingredient makes it one of the healthiest proteins available to your dog -whether they are a puppy or in their sunset years. Goat is actually 50% lower in fat than beef and 40% lower in saturated fat than chicken, making it a great alternative source of protein for your dog.

When striving to give our fur babies the longest, happiest and healthy lives possible, these alternative proteins are not only packed with nutritional benefits is vital, and your dogs will find them absolutely delectable. Bon appetite!

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