How Your Dog’s Diet Might Be Affecting His Coat

One of the many perks of being a pet parent is petting your dog’s luscious, furry coat. Because this is the most common way that we show our dog love and affection, any significant changes to their coat or skin can be identified almost immediately. If you’ve noticed that your dog’s fur isn’t as soft and silky as it once was, or if you notice your dog scratching at their skin and shedding more often than usual, it is likely that a change in their diet is the culprit.


Aside from maintaining a regular grooming routine, the food your dog eats plays a crucial role in the health of their skin, coat, and nails. Just like humans, your dog’s coat is made up of 90% protein. Therefore, when there is a deficiency in protein or other important nutrients, the quality of their fur naturally suffers.

As most pet parents are aware, every pet’s diet should be customized to suit their specific needs, factoring in the breed, age, and level of activity. While it’s always best to consult your veterinarian first on diet and food choice, it’s also helpful to be aware of the signs that your furry friend might not be getting the nutrients he needs from his current diet so you can take action as soon as possible.

Here are some key indicators that can help identify whether or not your dog is getting enough of the correct amount of nutrients, or if a change in their diet and amount of food intake is needed:

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