Considering healthy dog food proteins for your dog’s diet?

This country’s foodie culture has gone to the dogs! Thanks to social media, Top Chef and the Food Network the foodie culture has reached the masses and hit mainstream status – as a result, the American palate is now more adventurous than ever. But why should we humans have all the foodie fun? With 90 million dogs living in American households, the dog food industry has pivoted significantly, and more “foodie” type formulas are now widely available. The best part? Dog food companies have turned research into recipes, and have the created many formulas that take advantage of the myriad of health benefits that alternative protein sources such as venison, lamb and duck can offer our canine companions.


It’s also a nice nod to the original recipes for dog food, where hunting dogs enjoyed their share of the kill following the hunt. Most dogs love the taste, and as a solid source of Vitamin B and other minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, and iron, this healthy dog food option helps give your dog the energy they need. It is also great for dogs who may have food sensitivities or allergies to other protein sources like chicken and beef.


Lamb is quickly gaining in popularity, and is found more and more often in dog food formulas. This alternative red meat is packed with vitamins and minerals to support your dog’s muscle development while keeping both their skin and coat healthy and happy. Lamb is also high in naturally occurring essential amino acids and good fat. This staple source of complete protein is a great clean, low-fat protein source – and is a welcome addition to your dog’s diet if weight is a concern.


Because it is rich in iron and a lean, easy to digest protein source, duck is a wonderful alternative your dog is sure to love. Duck is also a great source of amino acids, which helps to support strong muscles. Choosing a more novel protein like a duck may help alleviate gastrointestinal upset or skin irritation, as well as help with food sensitivities or allergies. Duck Formula provides complete protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, and essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy and wholesome diet.

As always, check with your veterinarian to see which alternative protein sources would be the best compliment to your dog’s overall wellness and nutrition plan.

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