Best Healthy Dog Food without Chicken

There has simply never been a better time to be a dog! Looking back just a few decades, most of those beloved pups were pretty limited in their diets. Before the dog food industry underwent significant innovation, the only variety those pooches of the past were able to enjoy was when they were lucky enough to get some table scraps. But in today’s world, there is no reason to stick to a plain chicken and grain-based diet for your dog. Your dog deserves to experience a variety of flavors and alternate sources of protein, which is possible with protein-forward dog food formulas that make for healthy dog food – and healthy dog food means healthy dogs! If you love your dog as much we love ours, we are certain you will love sharing these healthy and delicious dog food varieties with your four-legged friends as much as they love eating them!

Dog food with salmon

Salmon is having a moment! Highly praised for its abundance of Omega-3 fatty acids, many of us humans have already made it a priority to make sure we are getting more salmon into our diets. Your dog will benefit just as much as you do from a diet rich in these amazing nutrients that are naturally occurring in salmon. Dog food with salmon is a high-quality source of complete protein loaded with the same heart-friendly Omega-3 fatty acids keeping us humans healthy!

The other white meat

We would be remiss if we didn’t sing the praises of the other white meat – pork – and how packed pork dog food is with the nutrients your dog needs to stay happy and healthy. This wonderful alternative to chicken – proudly hailed as the “other white meat” – is just as good for your dog as it is for us humans. Pork’s uniquely healthy high amino acid profile is essential for building your dog’s strong muscles.

Turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving – and it’s not just for humans!

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that in the United States, veterinarians now classify more than 100 million dogs and cats as overweight or obese, up from 80 million just five years ago. Turkey is not only a lean protein source for your dog, but it is also low in saturated fats and is a wonderful alternative to chicken. Turkey-based dog food is a great way to make sure your dog is enjoying all the benefits of a protein-forward diet and managing their weight.

Including alternative sources of protein beyond basic chicken will not only give your dog a well-deserved delicious meal, but these protein sources can also work hard to keep your fur baby happy and healthy throughout their long lives.

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