10 Ways to Celebrate National Puppy Day

by Soojin Um
Staff Writer

Well, it’s National Puppy Day this Saturday, and what perfect time for you and your puppy (even your adult “puppies”) to celebrate their awesomeness. We realize that every day with your furry friends is a celebration, but why not do something special this weekend? Here are 10 ideas for spending this day with your canine companion. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Throw a party

You have a new puppy, or you have a 12 year old that acts like a new puppy, it doesn’t matter, you should plan and throw a puppy party. Invite your friends, family, and neighbors. Prepare some good food, have activities and games, it’ll be great fun. The best part is, it’s for a great cause: your puppy! Count us in.



Get your puppy a new toy

What better fun for your dog than to go toy shopping. Besides, let’s face it, half the fun is for us humans. Go to your favorite pet store or try a new one that just opened up. They’ll have rows of fun toys that your puppies will enjoy for, well, weeks to come. Then you’ll be back to get more toys.





Take your puppy to a grooming spa

The puppy life isn’t as easy as it looks. All that chasing and running, not to mention the toys they have to mangle. After a hard day’s play, what better way to relax than to head to the spa for some much needed pampering. Your pups may not want to go home.




Try out a new park

Taking your dog to a park is a routine activity for most pets and pet parents. It can, however, feel just that: a routine. Try going to another park, even if it’s a little drive away. It doesn’t have to be an everyday thing, but the occasional change of scenery could be a great way to shake things up. Trust us, your pup will love it.






Get a professional portrait

Because of smartphones nowadays, we take so many photos of our pets. However, there’s something to be said of professionally shot portraits done in a photography studio. A well done portrait can become something of an heirloom. And you’ll forever have a great quality memento of your dog as a puppy.





Microchip your puppy

This activity might not be so fun, especially for your little pup, but you should considering getting your dog microchipped. It’s a good way to protect your dog in case it gets lost. Nothing is 100% guaranteed, but chipping has helped a lot of lost pets find their way back home. Think of it as another tool in your arsenal.





Have your puppy become a therapy dog

If you have the cutest little puppy (and what puppy isn’t) why not consider sharing the love? A therapy dog can be a great companion in a nursing home or senior care center. You and your dog could make many people smile with joy with your weekly visits. First though, you will want to make sure your dog has a gentle personality and loves people.



Take a trip to the beach

There’s nothing better than sand, sun, and surf. Unless, of course, if you bring your puppy along. Puppies make the beach so much more fun. They’ll have a blast too, though watch out for the big waves. There’s also the good kind of attention puppies get from fit people in bathing suits. A win-win? Perhaps.





Try a sport

Dogs are athletic. Why not take advantage of their natural physical prowess and try some sports. Dogs can ride skateboard, they love to catch Frisbees, and there are many different agility competitions out there. Who knows, your puppy could be a future champion. So why not spend National Puppy Day to explore what your dog is naturally good at.




Give your puppy good food

At the end of the day, dogs love good food. On this special day, why not give them something nutritious and great tasting. Do we have a recommendation? Do we indeed. How about giving your pup a new formula of Zignature Food for Dogs? It’s great tasting food as well as an excellent source of protein and other nutrients. Talk about a great way to cap National Puppy Day.

In the end, National Puppy Day is a celebration of our canine companions. They matter so much in our lives that it’s only right that they get a special day set aside just for them. So why not spend a day with them doing something special and out of the ordinary. Your puppy will love the new adventure, and you’ll have a great time bonding with your furry friend. Now, if we could only make every day a National Puppy Day…

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