Zignature Contributes to Care of Georgia Dog Rescued from a Puppy Mill

By Latasha Ball
Marketing Coordinator

Zignature Contributes to Care of Georgia Dog Rescued from a Puppy Mill

Earlier in March, 700 dogs were rescued from a puppy mill investigation in South Georgia. The dogs were discovered living in deplorable conditions. Luckily, many of those dogs went to rescues who were willing to step up and help those dogs in their time of need. One of those rescues is Refugee Rescue in Woodstock, Georgia. They took in Shitztu Stevie Rae who was one of many dogs rescued in this massive puppy mill operation. Regina Ryan, founder of the local pet retailer The Good Dog Shoppe in Kennesaw, Georgia saw Stevie Rae and immediately wanted to be her foster mom.

With that said, Stevie Rae has a wide variety of health issues that she must overcome from her days of living in a puppy mill. In addition to being highly malnourished, she also has severe dental disease, is partially blind, has compromised skin and a mammary tumor that has possibly metastasized based on preliminary x-rays and blood work. She has a long way to go on her road to recovery including her rescue carrying the enormous weight of the veterinary bills attached to her care.

“I hope that we can give Stevie every possible chance at a long life knowing human love instead of human neglect,” said Stevie Rae’s foster mom Regina Ryan. Ryan also added that Stevie Rae has expensive tests and surgeries in her future to help her fully recover from her injuries.

To help with the cost of Stevie Rae’s veterinary bills, Zignature stepped up and donated $1,000 to help with the costs of her veterinary care. Stevie Rae has a long road ahead of her but with the right support and love, we are excited to see her transform into a healthy and happy dog.

Click here if you would like to help donate toward Stevie Rae’s care. Be sure to note that your donation is for Pippin/Stevie Rae.

Click here to read more about Stevie Rae’s journey on her Facebook page.

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