Winnie, short for Winnebago, is a 9-year Yellow Lab canine athlete, who is allergic to just about everything! Due to severe food allergies, we struggled finding the right food for her for years! Aside from needing a limited ingredient formula, we also need a high protein food that will ensure she is able to thrive in all of her activities.  From hunting to competing in DockDogs, this high energy, working dog needs a quality food that promotes muscle growth to keep her going through it all!  We started Winnie on Zignature’s Zssential formula three years ago and it has completely surpassed our expectations and has provided her with relief from so many adverse symptoms that she struggled with for years!

Reilly, Winnie’s “sister,” is an (almost) 3-year-old Golden Retriever.  Like Winnie, she is also an avid bird hunter and DockDogs competitor.  Reilly has been on Zignature since we brought her home as an 8-week-old puppy.  Reilly enjoys rotating through almost all of the single-source protein formulas.  With two dogs who can be fussy eaters at times, we absolutely love that Zignature has so many flavors to offer and that we can confidently alternate through them without any transition period! Our girls have too many favorite flavors to mention, and as owners we take pride in knowing each formula we choose is providing them with high quality ingredients, without any unnecessary fillers! 

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– Tiffany Lugwig

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