Our Story

Man Meets Dog and lives happily ever after………..

Our Fearless Leader

Daniel Hereford is the President of Pets Global Inc, the creator of pet food brands Zignature, Fussie Cat, and Essence. Daniel brings more than 20 years of experience to the pet food industry. As the industry continued to grow and evolve, Daniel with the team of experts founded Pets Global: a holistic wellness pet food company based out of Southern California with brands in more than 8,000 independent retailers nationwide.

The Zignature Story

The Zignature story began in 2012 as a personal passion project. Daniel felt motivated to create a high quality dog food that met the dietary restrictions of his best friend and beloved boxer, Ziggy. Understanding Ziggy was one of the millions of dogs battling various intolerances and allergens,

Daniel felt inspired to share the high-quality formulas he fed to Ziggy with other pet parents and their cherished loved ones.



Together  with Pets Global, Inc., BSM Partners is comprised of a strong team of experts in the pet industry who hold multiple PHD’s in Food Science and Animal Nutrition. They work with us to formulate our complete and balanced recipes and ensure we are 100% in compliance with AAFCO, and its nutritional requirements, before our recipes are available to the public.  Zignature encompasses 13 formulas that reflect Pets Global vision and commitment to making the highest-quality, most nutritious and safest pet food on the planet.

20 + Years of Experience

13 Formulas

8000 + Retail Stores

The goal and devotion of Pets Global are to continue to formulate the world’s safest pet food products that are nutritionally strong and provide a path for pets to be at their happiest and healthiest, with quality ingredients using the most current nutritional information available today.