National Pet Day

by Soojin Um
Staff Writer

We never get tired of saying this, but pets are one of the most important parts of our lives and families. For most people, in fact, pets are indistinguishable from family members. Pets enrich our lives and homes. Whether we live alone or in a large household, our pets make everyday life brighter and happier. So it’s only right that on April 11th, we will be celebrating National Pet Day. It’s a day set aside to reflect on how those furry friends impact our lives, but it should also be a day to think about what we can do to help our cuddly companions live a fuller, richer, and happier life. For all they do for us, they certainly deserve it.

Health and wellness

One thing we can do on this day, right off the bat, is to think of our pets’ wellbeing. Is there anything we can do to make their lives easier and more fulfilling? Yes, we adopt pets to enrich our lives, but we also have a responsibility to make sure their lives are also enriched, safe, and happy. We can use this day as a reminder to check on the wellness of our companions. It might not be best for everyone to show up at the vet for a checkup on the same day, but we can use this to make an appointment. It can also be a great time to reevaluate your pet’s diet and feeding habits. Like a New Year’s resolution, we can make a National Pet Day resolution to feed our loved ones a better, healthier diet. We want our pets to live as long as possible, and we have a hand in achieving that. National Pet Day can be the catalyst for that change.


Giving back

National Pet Day can be also be a great reminder that, as much we love our animals, there are still many out there that need our help. On this day, we can make a pledge to donate to shelters and organizations that do so much incredible work on behalf of these furry creatures. Those people give so much of themselves for the betterment of animals, and they can use all the support they can get. Speaking of giving, it doesn’t always have to be money, but rather it can be of ourselves. Many animal organizations can use volunteers to help them with their mission. If you’re ready to be a superhero, National Pet Day is a great time to consider giving your time to awesome causes. Your help would be greatly appreciated, and you will feel great in having done your part in helping animals find food, shelter, and a good home. After all, your pet most likely had once been in those shoes too. Helping other animals in similar situations might be the perfect way to honor your own pets, and National Pet Day.


Having fun

We should also remember that having a pet is about joy and companionship. Plan a fun activity with your pet, make a special dinner, get them a new toy. We could all take off work that day and take our pets to the park or to the spa. Well, maybe not that – we wouldn’t want people to get in trouble. That would be a sight to see though… Anyway, if planning something on Thursday would be difficult, the weekend is only a couple days away.

Hopefully, this gave you some ideas on how to celebrate National Pet Day. At the very least, it shouldn’t go unobserved. Even if a big day isn’t planned, we can still give our furry companions a hug and a treat. National Pet Day is a great reminder to spend time with our best friends. They’ll definitely appreciate it. So will you. 

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