Can dog food really make a difference?

Learn how Zignature makes dog food
nutritious and highly palatable.

First, let’s get to know your dog.

Is your dog happy, joyful, and full of energy?


Loves to lounge

Enjoys an easy walk

Never stops moving


How picky is your dog?

An oddball

Doesn’t eat dog food, but eats dirt and rocks.

Very picky

Sticks to one flavor and one brand, wouldn’t even sniff something else!

Half human

 Will sell their soul for human food.

True carnivore

 Will eat anything that smells like real meat, poultry, or fish.


What are they currently eating? Take a look at the ingredient list printed on
their current bag of food.

What protein source is listed as the number 1 ingredient?

Red meat is
ingredient #1

Fish is
ingredient #1

Poultry is
ingredient #1

Something else is
ingredient #1


Rotation feeding is the picky eater’s dream!

How often do you introduce a new food to your pup to make their diet interesting and more enjoyable?

I try to feed my pup something new at least once
a month

Not as often as I’d like since
my pup needs a certain
type of diet

My pup rotates their diet on their own with human food from the table


What comes next after protein on the ingredient list?
Usually, it’s the next most important ingredient.

What carbohydrate source is used in your dog’s food?

Commodity grains like white rice, wheat, or corn.

High-glycemic carbs like white potato or tapioca.

Low-glycemic carbs like chickpeas, peas, oats, quinoa or millet.


Let’s talk about protein. Take a look on the back of their bag of food. On the guaranteed analysis, what is the level of crude protein?

What is the level of crude protein?


Next, let’s see how much carbohydrate your dog is ingesting with their
current diet. How do you check? It’s easy if you know the secret formula!
Using the Guaranteed Analysis on your bag, you can find the estimated
carb levels in your dog’s current diet.

Use the equation below:

81% - Protein % - Fat % = Carb Level


Did you know that the level of energy and even the mood of
your dog directly depends on what they’re eating?

Simpler, limited ingredient recipes that are packed with proteins are more appealing to picky eaters:

Good To know!

Absolutely, of course I knew that!

Tell me more!


Now, learn how proper nutrition can help your dog lead a healthy life.


Meat-First Limited Ingredient Philosophy

Learn how proper nutrition can help your dog live a healthy life.