Samantha Inglesby

Samantha Inglesby

We have 5 dogs, 1 with severe allergies to a long list of ingredients. We feed Zignature duck and they love it! When we adopted him he was mostly bald and always itchy with gross ears and crusty face. In the 19 months we've had him his hair is growing li ...

Apache Walsh

Apache Walsh

When my German Shepherd was a puppy he ran across alot of problems with his stomach he would get sick, and have loose stools and eventually he would stop eating... We spent so much time going back and fourth to the vets running different test bringing in ...

brad van horn

Brad Van Horn

We have a Wimmer that has skin problems and other brands broke her out horribly. Changed Zig and it all cleared up. She is a happy dog now. Thanks Zig.

nikki fredericksen

Nikki Lietz Fredericksen

Love this company and their integrity for their two boxers LOVE their food too! My big guy Jax(fawn) is allergic to some protein sources and my skinny mini Jade(brindle w/the tongue) metabolizes her food too fast. Zignature is the only foo ...

mandy benson

Mandy Benson

My three English Mastiffs are on Zignature. Only food that I don’t have to add anything too for them to eat. And they are different ages. Left to right Kyoshi -5yrs. Apollo-17 months. And his mom Bae-6yrs. All very happy.

jessica huff

Jessica Huff

My dog thrives on this food. Thank you for making food that has no chicken. Best food I've tried for him and I will continue to feed him it. As long as he thrives I'm not changing anything

tami croan 2

Tami Mead Croan

I want to say thank you for having the choices you have. My Pug is allergic to almost everything and your pork dry dog food is the only one ourselves and the vet have found that he can eat! That was a blessing because other than that we were having nothi ...

Janie joyner

Janie Joyner

My boy, Mavie, has been on Zignature for several years due to allergies. He loves it, and his allergies have been so much better. Of course, he is a lab and loves the duck formula!

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 1.41.24 PM

Gay Barker

Max and Quigley are thriving on Zignature grain free Lamb! Am a little concerned about the grain free diet research, so will keep an eye out for grain inclusive Zignature food, but our boys are very healthy and Max's allergies are much better after 2 yea ...


Ansel Oliver and Casey

We have been very happy with Zignature for over 3 years now. Our oldest pug Casey, used to have horrible problems with allergies, those stopped when we switched to Zignature! His 5 year old pug brother Oliver is doing wonderfully worth Zignature too! I h ...