6-Month Feeding Study

Purpose According to board-certified nutritionists, the greatest security for nutritional adequacy comes from formulating a diet and then testing it with a long-term feeding trial. However, it is reported that an estimated 80% of the pet food industry do ...



This is Scout. He is a Yellow Lab, specifically a Dudley Lab. Scout belonged to my uncle. When my uncle was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Scout seriously struggled. He began losing his hair at an alarming pace. No matter what was done to help, nothi ...

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Lacey Cheyenne Sprinkle

My boys get a new flavor when we get them a new bag they love zignature they are very picky and get bored of the same food zignature keeps my boys very happy!

melissa w 3

Carolyn Mahany Schunk

Ellie is a 6-year old Siberian Husky. She was rescued at 1.5 yrs old, and had been surrendered to a local boarding facility. I was working at a retailer when she was brought in for a pet event to advertise their grooming business, and it was love at firs ...

Julie Watson

Julie Watson

All 4 of my dogs LOVE Zignature! I have fed to all of them from the start, now ages 9, 6, 4, and 2, and all are healthy!

David P. Klamm 3

David P. Klamm

Here are my 2 mega e kids, since we have switched them to Zignature we have had great luck in gaining weight and reducing regurg and vomiting! Thank you Zignature. I have 4 dogs total that eat Zignature, 2 of them have Mega E, one has severe food allergi ...

Be Doyle

Be Doyle

My Aussies all enjoy & have flourished on Zignature!! They enjoy all the “flavors” but I get 4 paws up for the Kangaroo rotation time 😁 My 15 yo Aussie boy recently passed, but he thrived on Zignature. Keep up the great work & thanks for providin ...